Proposed amendments to the platform of the Minnesota Green Party, based on revisions by the platform committee and further revisions by the author, Doug Mann:


A) Human Rights 1) Racism


1d. Greens support government enforcement of civil rights laws, targeting both overt and covert violations that lead to racial disparities in employment and housing. Covert violations of the civil rights of others, whether intended or unintended, must be detected and prosecuted in order to achieve full compliance. This would enhance affirmative action programs and end an era of token enforcement that allows employment discrimination through minimal compliance strategies.


1e. The Green Party opposes "color-blind" policies in K-12 education that have a disparate effect on people of color, such as those that result in schools attended mostly by children of color having the least experienced teachers. Under federal education laws, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, color-blind policies that harm people of color and other protected classes may be considered violations of the law which require a timely remedy.


M. Education 2) General Policies


2o. Teacher turnover rates should be brought to low levels in all schools.


2p.The Green Party opposes the corporate school reform agenda, including elimination of teacher tenure and seniority rights, privatization of the public school system, de-funding of schools in high-need areas, and a curriculum focusing on standardized testing.

The Education Justice crusade against teacher tenure and seniority [rights].


Tenure and seniority rights are an obstacle to aggressively weeding out teachers by merit, which is marketed as a teacher quality improvement strategy. Ed Justice contends that unequal access to strong teachers can be blamed on tenure and seniority laws that place an undue burden on the exercise of management's prerogative to fire the hordes of ineffective, tenured teachers who ought to be fired. But does their argument hold water?